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Topaz Elements Cloud is a centralized application suite that provides the service of an enterprise-level compliance and operations management system for animal program management. This software solution not only improves productivity; it also reduces errors, diminishes the probability of compliance violations, and improve billing accuracy, all of which contribute to sustainable and efficient research. Effective and efficient research compliance protects the institution, researchers, and the research subjects. The regulatory landscape and many institutions’ organizational needs require comprehensive research management software that is more than a simple electronic submission system. - Reducing the administrative burden of researchers and staff - Technology security, organizational metrics and reporting - Increased compliance with regulatory requirements leading to decreased risk - Improved communication between committees, facility and researchers - More efficient and more satisfied staff - More accurate cost management and billing - The first Topaz Elements module to be implemented at Indiana University-Bloomington is the census module with bar coded cage cards. This allows for the more efficient and rapid collection of census data used to generate the monthly billings. The next modules to be implemented are Billing, Veterinary Management, and Cost Accounting. Look for future updates on the rollout of the new Topaz Elements system.


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